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Online Test 1.0 is an Online Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers, True/False and matching Answers. Test Management System run on any server with PHP (4.0+) and a MySQL database.
The system allows running scores and a results sheet. Participants can switch between tests, choose to answer between 5 and all questions at a time and view the full results of all tests taken in a given session. Subject areas and the number of questions in each category are listed in the main quiz and admin pages.

Check the Demo Test(Username and password = demo)

Main Features of Online Test 1.0

  • Offers as many as 6 answer options
  • Supports multiple answers, multiple choice, Boolean (True/False) as well as matching question modes.
  • Has a quick test creation facility, letting you create a subject area and add as many as 20 questions on the fly.
  • Benefits from a full test database search utility.
  • The administrator may set the sort orders for questions and answers to random or fixed.

Other Features:

  • Can accept an almost unlimited number of questions and categories.
  • Participants can decide how many questions they wish to answer at a time.
  • Participants can switch between tests and view full results of tests taken in a given session.
  • Questions are randomly selected from the database and then displayed in a random order, e.g. if there are 40 questions in the subject area Geography and a user selects 20, Online Test 1.0 will randomly pick 20 questions in this category, but if a user chooses 45, it will only pick 40.
  • Answer options are shuffled, so if you set the correct answer to 2 it will not necessarily be the second option in the Online Test.
  • An explanation field provides participants with feedback if an answer is incorrect.
  • Users are advised of they have skipped a question. Skipped questions will be repeated later.
  • The result is given both as a natural score (e.g. 28/30) and a rounded percentage (e.g. 93%) at the end of each test and in a results sheet.
  • The user-friendly admin zone lets you effortlessly create multiple choice quizzes.
  • Special characters such as £, &, é or è and line breaks can be converted to HTML entities to avoid any parsing problems. Alternatively, HTML tags may be used within text input fields.

Twiga Hosting Will continues to upgrade this Test Management System and would welcome any constructive feedback and requests for customized test management systems. If you find this web application useful, please support our humble efforts by contracting us your online test solutions.

*Customisation based on the client request:

  • Once the user login the client domain and do the test, the system will email the administrator the user (percipient) results and store the result in the database for later use in analysis.