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Hosting 550,000 sites since 2005   

A website is by far the most cost-effective way to market to your audience. Twiga Hosting has the expertise to handle everything you need to establish a web presence for your business – fast, easy, low cost.

We provide a complete website creation and development service that translates your business needs into a web presence. Consult with one of our expert website designers and we’ll have a top-notch website built for you in less than 14 business days. * Web Design range from 100$*

How will I update my website after designing?

Website Maintenance
The maintenance of the website will be carried out using the Administration Suite which accompanies the website. This online administration system involves the Administrator logging in via the members login. The system recognises that the user has administration privileges, and as such access to the Administration Suite is provided. Tools are provided for editing the content of both the public and private parts of the website, and managing user access to the Private area. The benefits of this system are as follows:

No Additional Software required
No additional software is required, as the Administration Suite is accessed by a standard web browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator).

No Technical Skills required
No technical skills are required to update the system. The system is easy to use and the user interface is very friendly.

Intelligent Technology employed
The Administration Suite and the Website share a common database where all the content for the site is arranged and organised. This means that the system can be further developed using Industry Standard technologies, and has the ability to integrate easily with other systems

No Update Costs
Using the Administration Suite means that you don’t have to pay a 3rd Party to update the website with new content – and it can be done instantly, whenever you wish.
Training on using the Administration Suite is provided as part of this proposal. An overview of the Administration Suite is shown in the diagram below: